10 Reasons why you Should Create Your FREE College Recruitment Profile with NSR Australia?

  • NSR Create your profile for you while other agencies have you create it yourself
  • The Information you provide is verified before going LIVE ensuring college coaches have trustworthy and reliable data
  • NSR will professionally edit your footage while others have you edit footage yourself
  • NSR will give you complete control over your website and will allow freedom when it comes to the promotion of your information to college coaches
  • We do not believe in hosting your website on a database filled with thousands of other college prospects
  • We will provie you with a number of resources that will teach you how to correctly use your profile to maximise college opportunities
  • Other agencies email blast generic templates to college coaches with your profile from unreliable email servers - we give you instructions on how to avoid this and why using this method can hurt your chances
  • The resources we provide will help you understand the US system, your academic and athletic eligibility, and how to prepare financially in advance for college
  • We are the only agency that provides athletic testing days nationwide for our athletes (NSR College Combines)

The only place where we will create your profile for you. Once it is built you can start contacting college coaches on your own following the 12 Step Guide. Start communicating with college coaches in the space of a few days. Don't miss out. 

Free Profile Pack

  • Website/online profile
  • 1 Custom Edit per Calendar Year
  • 12 Step Guide
  • 12 Step Guide Audio book
  • Complete control over the promotion of your information
  • Complete NSR Support